Sesquisquare aspect astrology

Weird Angles: The Sesquiquadrate (135°)

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Interested in sports as spectator, almost like a guy thing. Can talk about football. Mars is, I just recently found out, a power planet in my chart.

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I have not been using it enough. I think that the sesqui aspect is something that you need to work on to integrate into your personality. Hi, Lau, thanks for telling us about your aspects. Moon conjunct Mars in Aquarius sesq. Pluto in Virgo. However, in talking to clients and friends with squares and oppositons between these planets, I realise that my sesq.

I went to a Lynn Bell seminar a few years back and she said that the sesq. And thank you once again, because I have discovered another new aspect! Venus Aquarius sesq. Certainly I don't feel like a Venus-Jupiter person, although I do consider myself to be very tolerant and quite generous, I'm not given to excesses and can be quite antisocial at times. Will have to think more on that one.

I certainly have the classic Venus in Aquarius general friendliness, along with the strong need for independence and alone time…perhaps the Jupiter connection inflates that. By: Mandi on July 22, at am. It covered a diversity of Moon-Pluto aspects in the comment section, pretty intense. Just read outtake from a Moon-Pluto life and all the comments, wow! What powerful stuff and can certainly relate.

Forgot to mention that Uranus is also part of my Moon-Pluto sesq. That aspect is one of those double whammies because the Moon is in Aquarius. I think my story demonstrates Ura as well as Plu. Then in my early teens, she fell in love and married so I was pretty much left to do my own thing a kind of abandonment, more independence.

When I was 18 I left home to attend college and claim my full independence going to college was not the done thing in our family, I was the first and only one. This was when the control and manipulation started. That feeling of fear and bending over backwards to please her, to calm the wrathful beast waiting in its cage. It got easier once I realised that she needs me more than I need her.

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By: Mandi on July 23, at am. At least, being in Virgo, it gives you plenty of survival skills. Thanks for adding to our store of knowledge on both the sesqui and the Moon-Pluto aspects. By: Donna Cunningham on July 23, at am. I have Jupiter in the 12th SS Pluto in the 5th.. It moves fairly quickly, through a whole sign in a year, and what it does in most aspects is to amplify the qualities of the planet it aspects.

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Its main property is to expand what it touches. Childrearing is not taken lightly, neither is creativity or romance. I even hemmed and hawed a good deal before deciding to post this rather innocuous admission. Good grief! When I was about 14 years old, I joined a summer program devoted to putting inner city kids to work doing minor neighborhood repairs, such as painting and simple carpentry.

Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus

My artistic talents seem to attract attention as well. And there are usually unavoidable conflicts between my need to earn a living and my value system. Physical challenges related to Gemini have also made it difficult to work in recent years. A Libra Sun surely would be uncomfortable being in charge.

I notice a pattern, my SS are centered on two planets— Moon and Pluto. My Moon and Pluto are actually opposite each other with Pluto in the 8th house and Moon in the 2nd house but a degree away from being in the 3rd house.

Understanding the Sesquiquadrate—Your Input Needed

The energy is not straightforward, not obvious and hard like the square, nor smooth like the trine. The energy moves straight, meets a bump, moves down, meets another bump, then moves towards the other planet. Pluto and Mars. Pisces is not as directly forceful as Scorpio where my Pluto is in , yet I want what I want. Just that my general feeling is that it is an aspect that creates awkwardness, like a gangly youth with all limbs and little control motor-skills wise— all bumps and knobs that somehow we need to learn how to grow into through trial and error, or through wisdom that hopefully comes with age and maturity.

I very much like your summaries, Heidi, which I highlighted in bold type. The part about the shape of the glyph, especially—it goes to sacred geometry, that shapes have meaning and emotional impact. After a while, you get more of a sense of what they are trying to convey. I have a similar configuration as Molly. I will say that the sesquisquadrate is probably the most powerfully influential aspect in my chart.

It was like I was forced into hibernation. Like Molly mentioned, sesquiquadrates and semisquares for that matter seem to be extremely powerful. Again, maybe the ease is mitigated by the element. Excellent point, Jason. But if mercury were at 16 Gemini, then the sesqui would be at 1 Scorpio, air and water mixed. That Merc sesqui Jupiter reveals itself when I say something perfectly innocent and well-meaning, and somehow discover both feet stuffed in my mouth. For instance, this morning I heard a weird noise coming from the kitchen, I called to ask my husband what it was.

That Sag tries for deeper philosophical understanding, and since there is none I completely miss the simplicity boat, and that can piss the punner off. I was only five years old, but Ruby flew into a rage, believing that I was deliberately ratting her out and then pretending not to understand her just to further mess with her head. That Mars sesqui Uranus gives me a weird, wacky sense of humor as well as a super-optimistic outlook on life that some might think hovers on the manic borderline.

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The sesquisquare (or sesquiquadrate) is regarded as a minor aspect. It can be The German astrologer Thomas Ring talks of a "tear in the structure". Add 45º to the Sesquiquadrate and you arrive at the Opposition aspect (see Astrological Aspects article). The Sesquiquadrate is not as.

I adore the career s that chose me: Astrologer and screenwriter. I see clients in my home Cancer and work on my computer Uranus out of my home office. The scripts I write are exclusively comedic romantic fantasies and sci fi, with highly developed characters and wacky situations ranging from extreme to outrageous. I love my life, my work, my husband, my cat.

Example of an Aspect

The Sun moves into Libra on September 23, -- the Fall Equinox above the equator and Spring Equinox below, when the days and nights are equal. Horoscope Tarot Number Hexagram. Step Off, Saturn! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For experienced astrologers these aspects have a meaning that was shaped by years of practice and first-hand observations. We may begin to realize some of our expectations have been unrealistic, and it could result in a little crisis of faith. Check your Natal Chart for Sesquisquares!

And you, Donna. Thanks for all you do. This is really interesting. Thanks to these articles, my unaspected Venus suddenly has three or four aspects. I have four ss. Jupiter is very strong in my chart — a focal planet of a kite. Makes it hard to see how the energies of the smaller asp plays out.

I wonder if the Saturn-MC can explain my off-timing. I seem to be out of sync a lot of times. And I have to work very hard — nothing comes easy. The only other asp to the ASC is a con with the pars of fortune …. That Mars is a mousy one. I find so many good things to work with from the comment section — so thanks to everyone! Most are exact or less than 1 arc, as well as the squares involved. I realize that may sound a bit extreme, though they actually flow together making tight connections throughout my chart.

This is an enormous amount of pressure applied on my Sun, Mercury, and Pluto! Further, and key to the show is Aries Venus, who is Rx conjunct Aries SN who is also conjunct the IC from the 3rd house side, and also conjunct Chiron who is conjunct IC from the 4th house side hopefully you follow how it connects energy wise in the story.

I was deeply wounded though unaware, I just felt so unloved and unaccepted Venus Rx-Chiron-IC When Neptune began crossing my Asc age 11 I began running away looking to fill the void and desiring to save all the other wounded lost souls from the hell I knew. I was so bold and fearless, you just could not tell me nothing!

I dropped out of the 8th grade, and literally lived on the streets. I meet so many other people, all throughout the various cultures and neighborhoods I explored seeking new experiences and friends, which I spent time living with thus learned about…from asian, hispanic, black, white…christian, jew, catholic, buddhist, muslim, even atheist—you name it! It were as if 3rd Pisces and 9th Libra Pluto forced me to cross various cultural and religious boundaries, which actually ended up giving me a lot of existential shocks.

More about Mercury Venus is the planet of love and relationship. Venus is in-taking, rather than out-going as represented by Mars , and rules the signs Libra and Taurus. Venus has its exaltation in Pisces, and is associated with aesthetics, beauty, refinement and romance. Its position in the chart indicates the area in which the give and take of love, affection and sensual pleasure will be expressed.

More about Venus Mars is the planet of outward activity and animal passion. It rules Aries and is exalted in Capricorn. This fiery planet is masculine in action, versus softer more receptive Venus. When strong in the chart it can indicate a volatile temper, and also great courage. Its position indicates how your personality will assert itself, and what modes of activity will stimulate your physical energies. Jupiter is the planet of faith, positivism and optimism. It rules Sagittarius and is exalted in Cancer. Jupiter represents the principle of expansion, versus contraction as represented by Saturn and the aspirations of the higher self.

Its position in the chart indicates how your faith will be expressed, and what modes of activity will stimulate self-confidence. More about Jupiter Saturn is the planet of limitation and contraction, and the trials of life experience. This includes disciplive, punctuality, and the conservation of material resources. Saturn rules Capricorn and is exalted in Libra, and is limited and material, versus unlimited faith as represented by Jupiter. It indicates areas where the personality will be restricted by fears and lack of confidence, and also areas which are important to be worked on in this lifetime.

More about Saturn Uranus is the planet of freedom and revolutionary vision, the urge for change and the ability to visualize new possibilities. Uranus rules Aquarius, and is exalted in Scorpio. It is also associated with mental studies, electricity and astrology.

Sesquiquadrates. WTF?

Its position indicates the arena of originality and freedom from conventional thinking in your life. More about Uranus Neptune represents the universal ocean of oneness with all beings. It is thus highly compassionate, also idealistic, imaginative and self login or even self undoing, and can be associated with drugs or media, as fantasy expressions. Neptune rules Pisces, and finds its exaltation in Cancer. Its position indicates where there may be confusion and also great creativity in poetic or musical fields. Neptune has been called the higher octave of Venus.

More about Neptune Pluto is a force for change that can be destructive in its power. Pluto rules Scorpio, and is exalted in Leo. Pluto is related to will, and intense passion, and has a reputation for ruthlessness. As god of the underworld Pluto brings the deepest compulsions into the light. Its position indicates areas of life that must ultimately become transformed as part of the soul's evolution. More about Pluto Chiron is a small planet, or 'planetoid' that was only discovered in , and which has already shown itself to be quite powerful in an individual's chart. Occupying an eccentric orbit between Saturn and Uranus, and named for the centaur physician of Greek myth who taught ancient wisdom to mankind, Chiron represents the archetype of the "Wounded Healer" and is associated with shamanism and going within to heal oneself.

Its discovery is synchronous with the rise of the holistic health movement. Chiron's position in the chart reveals where one has been wounded, and where also there is the opportunity for discovering healing from within and sharing this discovery with other people, since from our wounds arises our compassion for the suffering of others. The position of Chiron, by house and sign, can also show where we have talent and access to ancient wisdom, as well as where we may depart from the mainstream in service to a higher practicality.

Those with prominent Chiron are likely to be educators and spiritual healers. More about Chiron As goddess of the harvest and the natural process of fertility and renewal, Ceres represents the process of nurturing and motherhood in an individual chart, and has been attributed to the sign Cancer as a co-ruler with the Moon, as well as to the signs of Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo. More about Ceres The astrology of the asteroid Pallas indicates the creative use of the mental faculty in combination with ageless wisdom, and is also involved with the arts, especially the plastic arts such as sculpture and pottery, and with medicinal remedies.

More about Pallas The astrology of Juno indicates partnering energy of intimate relationships, as in the more modern issues of where the boundaries are with another person, how much sharing is appropriate, versus holding back, are there issues of bitterness and jealousy, or projected authority and control onto another person, and intimacy needs in general. More about Juno In the astrology of Vesta issues of sexuality and completeness unto oneself predominate. Possible associations are the woman or man who chooses celibacy, but as a nun or monk takes on a higher purpose than normal family life, also issues of sexuality and who is ultimately served in the process, self or other.

More about Vesta While the lower expression of Eris might manifest as the lust for struggle and violence, there is also a more positive manifestation in the most basic defense of one's rights in standing up to established power, by violence if necessary. By recognizing and coming to terms with this potentially violent factor in ourselves we can grow as humans and become more whole.

The astrology of Haumea seems to be related to love of the natural world and to the fecundity of natural process. This archetype thus signals profound connection to Nature, connection to Source, and a form of natural charisma. More about Haumea The astrology of Makemake is related to love of the natural world and to the activism associated with defending the environment. This archetype thus signals a profound connection to nature that is quite similar to the archetype of Haumea, his fellow traveler in the Kuiper Belt, with the same astronomical designation and also named from the pantheon of indigenous gods and goddesses.

More about Makemake The Part of Fortune from the Latin Pars Fortuna is the only Arabian astrology part still commonly used in modern astrology. It indicates an area of life that is a fortunate one for the native. The house in which the Part of Fortune is placed indicates an area of your life which is likely to be a successful one for you; an area where the applications of your skill will bear fruit.

Its is where you will find good luck and happiness. More about the Planetary Bodies The Nodes of the Moon indicate areas of life that are of special concern to you. Also referred to as the dragon's head, The North Node indicates your goals. The placement of the North Node indicates work that needs to be done in your life, or new faculties that need to be developed in the present lifetime.

Also known as the dragon's tail, the South Node indicates areas of mastery, often from a previous lifetime. Aries people tend to be energetic, forceful and outgoing. They are good at getting things done, although they prefer starting to finishing. Like the energy of the first rush of spring, they move into the world in a headstrong, pioneering way.